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Protective Coatings of Behbod Sanat Pars Co.

Protective Coatings of Behbod Sanat Pars Co.

Protective Coatings

Protection by disrupting the electrical contact of metals and environment

Given the key role of protective coatings in industry, BSP has put the provision of concentrated and specialized preventive measures and services on its agenda to offer scientific and practical solutions for preventing damages and unplanned operational shutdowns.

By allocating part of its resources to this activity, BSP has provided all necessary facilities and specialized knowledge for meeting the need for offering such services to all industry sectors.

The following BSP services in the field of protective coatings focus on organic coatings and anti-corrosion paints:

  • Consulting services to develop standards on surface preparation, application methods, and selection of abrasive type and grading
  • Consulting services on design and selection of the type, thickness, and number of layers of organic and anti-corrosion paint coatings
  • Inspection services during coating application
  • Contracting services regarding surface preparation and coating application
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