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Quality Assurance Policy of Behbod Sanat Pars Co.

Quality Assurance Policy of Behbod Sanat Pars Co.

In BSP, all directors and staff members unanimously resolve to devote considerable effort to improve their services qualitatively and quantitatively. Fundamental principles of BSP’s quality and customer-orientation policies are closely followed by all directors and staff members through below principals:

Quality Assurance Policy of Behbod Sanat Pars Co.

  • Observing all relevant national and international standards strictly
  • Heightening the satisfaction of beneficiaries through accurate identification of their needs and expectations and developing appropriate procedures for their fulfillment
  • Enhancing the efficiency of the quality management system, constantly through evaluation of key performance indicators, conduction of in-house audits, and convention of management review sessions
  • Enlisting the help of a qualified workforce and increasing competence of motivation of staff members via specialized training courses and asking them to participate in the processes of decision-making and goal-setting for the company
  • Committing to continuous examination and analysis of the internal and external conditions of the company; participation of directors in formulating organizing principles and launching relevant operations
  • Committing to managing business risks and reducing organizational risks
  • Identifying and documenting the experience gained in the company and committing to enhancing the organizational knowledge

We are pretty sure that the realization of the above items is possible only through participation, harmony and empathy, and perseverance of the personnel. We commit ourselves to paving the way for the steady progress of this company through the fulfillment of all requirements of the quality management system.