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BSP Corrosion Management Services

Corrosion Management Services

Corrosion Management

A Systematic & Structural Approach to Corrosion Control

Corrosion management, as an inherent part of the Asset Integrity Management (AIMS), involves a series of documented procedures that help an organization plan, implement, and improve its solutions for corrosion threats against its current and future assets. For this purpose, a realistic understanding of corrosion potential and consequences is the key to adopting corrosion management strategies.

Accordingly, BSP’s strategies for controlling corrosion damages, is led by core values based on preserving national resources, steadfast concern for safety and environmental protection, education, and raising awareness, and by making use of the existing software, hardware, and online resources, BSP makes considerable effort to collect technical information and establish close correspondence with clients to provide professional services and analyze data gathered on preventive measures.

To coordinate internal and external stakeholders, BSP has maintained interactive communication with clients for providing corrosion management services. In this regard, BSP's program to formulate and establish a corrosion management system according to the stakeholders' positions and roles, is carried out with care from design to the implementation and documentation of procedures. In this light, BSP’s precisely-defined and measurable key indices will serve as guidelines and a reference for the organization to assess and monitor its progress in realizing the objectives of the corrosion management system. Further, devising practical and professional solutions to propose actions based on gap analysis and root-cause analysis are a few more services provided by BSP for this purpose.

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